Dùng bộ não của bạn để giải các game giải đố hay cân não như game toán học, game tính cộng, xếp gạch, ghép đôi hay game trí nhớ. Chơi game đánh bài một mình, mạt chược, hay đố vui khó nhất trên mạng với

Sometimes we need to tune up our mind. To do that we can read a book, watch an interesting movie, or do a crossword. The Y8 Games platform has a very effective option, namely thinking games. Playing this type of game, you will not press buttons thoughtlessly because they will make you compare, analyze, and search. If you treat a thinking game seriously, it can be helpful for your brain activity. Thinking games involve the development of logical thinking, concentration, and memory. Playing thinking games can be fun and beneficial.

Undoubtedly, the ability to think is important to play almost any game but some genres require a higher level of thinking combining it with other abilities. For example, board games, especially, chess will make you think and analyze a lot, forecasting all possible moves. Contrary to chess, playing tetris or real-time strategies you will not have much time to think and you will have to make very fast decisions carrying out multiple actions and trying to build winning tactics. Looking for a balance between the above-mentioned types of games, we can consider cards and puzzles.

Discover a variety of thinking games at Y8 and choose the ones which fit your mindset the most.

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