Chơi bộ sưu tập Games Điên rồ tại Y8. Y8 Games đã xuất hiện từ lâu và chúng ta đã thấy tất cả khi đến với các trò chơi điên rồ vui vẻ. Cái hay của thế giới ảo là nó mô phỏng thế giới thực đồng thời cho người chơi cơ hội để trải nghiệm mọi thứ trong một môi trường không bó buộc.

Crazy Games

This category is home to all the strange games at Y8. If you want literal crazy games, this category is for you. Browser games have a long history of dark themes because many older games will extend through multiple financial crisises. So undoubly game developers will make games that contrast the world around them and it's not always beautiful. Enjoy odd games like Amateur Surgeon and Whack your Ex the interactive cartoon. Some crazy games we recomend are the popular bartender simulation game and a Mirror’s Edge styled parkour game. Like sports? Play as an adrenaline fueled basketball player, trying to dunk the ball in Basketball io. This category also is home to other fun games that don't fit into the other categories. Fun is a wide randging difinition for games, so this category is opened ended as to what else could be mixed in. There are also many celerbity games and politcal games. Choose your favorite famous person and warp their face or try a politcal fighting game.