Game Sinh tồn kinh dị

Y8 cung cấp rất nhiều các trò chơi Sinh tồn kinh dị đưa người chơi vào những môi trường thù địch với chỉ một ít tài nguyên quý báu trong tay để vượt qua các đối thủ, các câu đố hóc búa và các cấp độ. Chúng chạm vào những nội sợ hãi bản năng và cho chúng ta những cảm giác không thể có được trong thế giới thực, hay ít ra là không thường xuyên.

Survival Horror Games

Survival horror is a genre of computer games focused on the survival of the game character and the atmosphere of fear similar to the anxiety-like scene most often portrayed in horror films. Perhaps, the most unique feature of this genre is that most survival horror games take place in the dark. The game mechanics can be varied, however, shooters and zombies make for good survival horror elements with the right atmosphere. For the most part, these games are related to action games, especially to third-person shooters.

Although the gameplay of such games often includes battles with opponents, the player does not have enough control over the in-game situation, which is typical for most action games, and this consists in various restrictions such as lack of ammunition, low level of health, movement speed, visibility as well as various obstacles. The actions of the game usually take place in various gloomy houses and abandoned cities, often having the form of a maze to create a proper atmosphere. Perhaps the scariest games use the stealth element, where the goal is to capture the enemy while they are off guard or sneak past then without being spotted.

In general, survival horror games may include a variety of elements that can inspire fear to different extents. However, the most prominent representatives of this genre are such classic games series such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, released back in the late 1990s and being developed to the present day. Take a risk and look at our horror games and experience the most frightening emotions!

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