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Jumping Shell

9,664 số lần chơi

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Jumping Shell is a puzzle platformer game where you take command of a character with the ability to nest itself within layers of shells. You have the power to shed your shell through a double jump. Exercise this mechanic with discernment, strategically considering how to navigate obstacles in each level. Double-jump when necessary and retreat into your shell when the timing is right. With 24 ingeniously crafted levels, each presenting a unique challenge, you’re in for a mental workout. If you find yourself stuck, fret not – hints are available to illustrate the level’s completion. Can you become the maestro of this puzzle platformer and conquer every level? And don’t forget to introduce Jumping Shell to your friends to see who can complete the game faster! Enjoy playing this game here at!

Đã thêm vào 02 Oct 2023
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