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Hide with Gangsters

8,770 số lần chơi

Thẩm định con người

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Chi tiết game

The game offers two roles: a policeman and a thief. The policeman must track down and apprehend all the thieves in a limited time using his skills and dexterity. While the thieves must skillfully hide and escape from the police before time runs out. Collected resources and boosters play a key role in players' strategy. Police officers can use them to improve their search and arrest skills, while thieves can use the resources to create temporary hideouts and improve their evasiveness. Hide with Gangsters features fast-paced gameplay that requires players to use tactical thinking, stealth, and strategic planning. Decide whether to side with the law or the crime and engage in exciting battles in this addicting stickman game. The goal of the game is to, as a policeman, track down and apprehend all the thieves within the allotted time, or, as a thief, evade the police using obstacles until time runs out. Have fun playing this game here at!

Đã thêm vào 12 May 2024
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