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Miêu tả:

Industrialization is often referred to as the last thing we did, and now we're doing something else that's technology driven. But if you look at industrialization, let's say the car industry. When Henry Ford created the assembly line, he also created the framework for unions. And it was unions that really created the baseline for middle class attainment for the majority of the industrialized labor force. So in that sort of advanced technology and an extreme position by the profit motivation, and you also created this opportunity for increased access and equity for the labor market. So if you view technology as having two limits, the upper limit of people in great cities get to do all kinds of creative great things, and then people how are starving to death in slums. You have to find a way to make one circle. And if it is truly healthy, there's a way for communities and cities that are trying to reach this creative economy to have relationships with people who are fighting to survive. If it doesn't happen, then we don't really have a global environment, we don't have a global market and we don't have a global community.

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