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A brilliant and detailed piece by historian Webster G. Tarpley. Barack Obama presents a slick exterior, not by accident or even personality, but because he is a Madison Avenue marketing creation. He is a brand name and a product, like Marlboro, Betty Crocker, or Calvin Klein. He is something you don't need, but which Wall Street desperately wanted YOU to buy - just like everything else Madison Avenue wants you to buy. His campaign was a slick, well thought out, high budget marketing campaign - no different from the marketing of a movie, blue jeans, or cigarettes - only the stakes were much, much higher. It was an all-out effort backed by hundreds of millions in campaign funds, and billions worth of free advertising by the CorpCon (Corporate Controlled) media, for the sale of your future.
But, who are the beneficiaries of this sale? Of course, the people who made the product! This video nicely explains. Too bad Americans now have to learn the truth from Russian Television. No surprise... the corporations who benefited in trillions of pork 'bailout' paid for by the sale of your future, also control the CorpCon media.

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