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Las Vegas Poker

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Las Vegas Poker is a card game in which you can play Texas Hold’em poker with up to 5 players in three different tournaments. Each player is dealt two cards. You can only see your own cards. Make a wager on the strength of your cards - or the strength of your bluff - to fold, call, or raise the bet. Then, three community cards are dealt on the table, this is the ‘flop’. See if you can use these cards to form a strong hand. Again, you will get to choose whether to bow out, check, or raise the bet. A fourth community card is dealt, the ‘turn’. Another round of betting follows. Then the fifth card, the ‘river’ is dealt and the final round of betting occurs. Now, players must reveal their cards to see who wins.

The poker hands of Texas Hold’em are as follows, ranked in order of strength:

Royal Flush - A, K, Q, J, 10, all of the same suit, is the best possible hand.
Straight Flush - Any strait all of the same suit
Four of a Kind - Four cards of the same value
Full House - Three of a kind plus one pair
Flush - Five cards of the same suit, regardless of value
Straight - Five cards of consecutive value, regardless of suit
Three of a Kind - Three card of the same value
Two Pair - Two pairs
Pair - Two cards of the same value
High Card - When no cards interact to form any of the above hands, the player holding the highest card wins

Any hand you have will light up purple and the name of the hand will appear above your cards. Enjoy playing this poker simulation game here at!

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