Chơi Trò chơi Nấu ăn trên Bạn có thích thú việc tự nấu đồ ăn cho mình? Hay bạn muốn mở riêng một nhà hàng? Hay tự làm bánh kẹo? Dù bạn thích gì, bạn có thể nấu bất kỳ món ăn nào bạn muốn khi chơi các trò chơi nấu ăn trên
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Cooking Games

Cooking games started during the early days of browser games. One of the first cooking games on Y8 was an old barbeque (BBQ) game made as an advertisement game to promote a brand to players. This trend continued, one the first sponsored games I remember was called Better BBQ Challenge. Another old yet addicting game was only known in English as Chinese Meat game. Around the same time, the famous Hot Dog Bush was released as a parody to then President George W. Bush. The game depicted the American president as a hot dog vendor on the streets. This game perfected the balance of fun cooking games and cemented this subgenre of games into the history books.

Since then, cooking games have grown to sometimes include actual recipes, semi realistic instructions that can be applied to real cooking, and of course simulated cooking. Games are a good entry point for young cooks who may want to cook meals in the future but maybe are too young to be working a hot dog stand. Even though you can’t eat a virtual hamburger, it is still very rewarding to learn new dishes or aspects to the cooking world like managing a business.

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